About Us

Anywhere Karaoke was started in Aug. of 2010 in Vicksburg, Mississippi by Anneen and Sherman Bullock. Our first gig was at a small bar called Town and Country. That was owned by Amanda McCool. We played there until she passed away in Feb. of 2011. We spread out from there to other clubs and private parties in the Vicksburg area.

    Anywhere Karaoke runs a single Computerized System with a library of over 52,500 Songs.  Our core songs are the 6000 Song Gem Series from Sound Choice. We have found that these songs have superior sound quality to disk that have been converted from CD+G.

We take great pride in the fact that we maintain a 1:1 (Song on disk to Song on CD) ratio.

    Anywhere Karaoke is registered with Sound Choice Safe Harbor Program  No.11MS500307

     On August 30 of 2011 We were audited by Sound Choice and found to be in compliance with their policy on   media shifting (copying songs to a Hard drive). Certificate number C31867633

    In 2017 We moved the company to Riverview Florida and are now up and running

    We are available for private parties and club dates please email us at  Anywherekaraoke@yahoo.com or Call us at 601 630 2957 for pricing.

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